photographer, creator & artist


Infused with the love for photography from a very early age by her father, Charlotte was drawn to the natural beauty just like him, capturing landscapes during their walks in nature. That pulled her passions to study photography in school, later continuing her education in college where she excelled. Starting her business at only 18 years, Charlotte dived deep into photographing weddings on her own. By spending every moment evolving, learning and mastering the art of transcribing emotions into fine art imagery, she quickly became one of the most renowned UK wedding photographers.




Charlotte is largely inspired by film photography artists like Ansel Adams and Mario Testino, and luxury fashion – Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel; which is prominent in her editorial approach. Intertwined with her love for black and white portraits, she weaves imagery that is raw, artisan and revealing.

Her tenacious efforts and ability to adapt to any situation have landed her to become an aspirational and influential wedding photographer, bringing other endeavours - running photography workshops and training other professionals.


In a way, she lives and breathes photography as means to unleash her creative side and soak the profound allure of loving emotions. Paired wonderfully with her love for art and travel, Charlotte combines the best of these three worlds and translates them into capturing timeless imagery. From extravagant events and opulent weddings to large scale editorials, her high profile couples fall in love with the value and craftsmanship she brings into her work. 

With a natural ability to harness emotions and ensnare the mood, her beloved clients find the uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. As a result, she has been featured on some of the world's largest wedding blogs.