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Wedding Inspiration for the Stylish 2024 Bride

January 12, 2024

Wedding Inspiration for the Stylish 2024 Bride

Wedding Inspiration for the Stylish 2024 Bride

As we venture into 2024, it’s clear that the traditional notions of weddings are continuing to evolve, offering stylish brides a plethora of unique ideas to incorporate into their special day. From alternative wedding décor to a return to classic bridal gowns, personalisation, natural beauty trends, and intimate micro weddings, let’s explore the delightful wedding inspiration for the stylish 2024 bride.

Alternative wedding decor for the stylish bride

The wedding decor for 2024 promises to be anything but ordinary. Each year, weddings are becoming bigger, better and designs are becoming fashion forward and innovative. We’re seeing brides opt for opulent and magnified floral arrangements while also thinking about sustainability and using faux flowers to add structure and volume. Last year, all white weddings were extremely popular and I think this will continue in 2024. In contrast, I think bold pops of colour will also be making a statement.

If you’re really feeling a chic and ambient setting, candles are a wonderful way to create atmosphere and add dimension to your wedding design. It’s simple but so creative and effective.

Return to Classic, Timeless Bridal Gown

As we step into 2024, bridal fashion is taking a delightful detour back to classic, timeless elegance. The trend is veering towards enchanting gowns, gracefully peppered with traditional lacework, and adorned with minimalistic, yet captivating embellishments. There’s an undeniable allure to this return to tradition.

The key here is balance, finding the sweet spot between personal style and timeless sophistication. So, embrace the return of classic gowns, choose a dress that encapsulates the timeless beauty of bridal wear, and prepare to take everyone’s breath away. This trend is more than a throwback; it’s a beautiful fusion of old and new, perfect for the 2024 bride seeking a touch of time-honoured elegance on her wedding day.

Bridal Beauty Trends: Natural is the New Chic

When it comes to beauty trends for the 2024 bride, a subtle, natural approach is the order of the day. Say goodbye to heavy contouring and dramatic eye makeup and embrace a more understated look that emphasises your innate beauty. The trend encompasses glowing, dew-kissed skin, delicate blush hues, and a radiant lustre that truly encapsulates the essence of bridal elegance. This minimalistic approach is not only in vogue, but it’s also timeless – ensuring your wedding photographs retain their allure in the years to come. The key is to focus on enhancing your natural features, rather than masking them. Remember, your wedding day is an homage to your true self – allow your natural charm to take centre stage.


All Photography: Charlotte Wise Photography

Image 1 (Viral Candle Table)

Stylist: Alice Wilkes

Velvet Bows: Embroidered Napkin Company

Venue: The Rosewood

Paige & Wilfried Zaha Wedding (All White Florals)

Wedding Planner: Kristina Kempton

Venue: The Grove

Videographer: Juno Wedding Films

Florals: Larry Walshe

Villa Miani All White Wedding

Wedding Planner: Alice Wilkes

Florals: All For love London

Venue: Villa Miani

Chateau De Tourreau Wedding

Wedding Planner: Matthew Oliver

Florals: Floraison Paris

Videography: HD Moments

Dress Designer: Suzanne Neville

HMUA: Laura Hulbert

Santorini (bridal portraits)

Wedding Planner: Lucy Ann Events

HMUA: Chloe GH Bridal

Florals: Paula Rooney

Dress: Kimberley Stone Atelier

Floral Dress: Josephine Scott Bridal

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